The False Prince by Jennifer Nielsen

The False Prince by Jennifer Nielsen

Rating: 5 out of 5

Genres: YA Historical Fiction, Adventure

Sage of Avenia has grown up in an orphanage in Carchar, and takes to the streets as a thief to support himself. When Connor, a nobleman of the court, comes to buy Sage, he has no choice. Soon he finds out that he’s been chosen to try and take the place of the missing Prince Jaron, along with 3 other boys. 

Soon, Sage finds out that there’s more to that than meets the eye. As every single layer of lies and treachery unfold, out comes a mindblowing truth. But in here, it’s either treason or death.

There are so many reasons why I love The False Prince: the developed characters, the unpredictable, twisted plot, the whole pace of it, and a little bit of the slow burn romance. Initially I didn’t want to read it, but I had close to no choice because we were doing nothing in the classroom and I’d read almost every book in the class library.

First, Sage is an awesome narrator and character in general. He’s extremely witty, can’t hold back a biting quip, and is almost always 10 steps ahead of everyone. He gets into trouble quite a bit (you can see that in the beginning. A butcher with great aim almost cuts him through with a knife while he was running with a stolen roast.), but he’s never worn down. He’s also self-deprecating; he’s a skilled pickpocket and only brags about it once or twice.

Second, the plot will blow you away. The pacing is amazing; the book has a slow burn plot, but everything goes on steadily, never dragging, always making you beg for more. The plot is very unpredictable, and it’s one of those books where the little things that are mentioned at the beginning make for a bigger picture at the end. It’s where you go “Oh my gosh!” and facepalm yourself, for not seeing it before. Anything can happen in the book. Jennifer Nielsen sets The False Prince up so well that the next unexpected plot point would go hand in hand with what just happened.

Lastly, the slow burn romance. Key words: slow burn. While staying in Connor’s mansion, Sage meets a servant girl named Imogen (how cool is that name?) while she was serving him dinner. He immediately notices her, and tries to get her attention a couple of times, and become her friend (she’s totally set against it at the beginning.) Eventually, they do become friends, but you can see that there’s a little spark of something else…

All in all, The False Prince brings action, drama, a bit of suspense and adventure. It’s more than deserving of 5 stars, it’s just that amazing. I highly recommend it to you, readers, and if you have the time, please do read it.

P.S It’s the first book in the Ascendance Trilogy. When I read it, I became ecstatic that there were more to come, then distraught that the second book wasn’t out yet, or coming soon, and now I am delighted that details of the second book, called The Runaway King, have been revealed. It’s coming out Spring 2013, though. Spring, why can’t you come any sooner?

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6 thoughts on “The False Prince by Jennifer Nielsen

  1. i love it so much:) as what they said previously you are making us crave to read this book:)surely ill get this book soon:)keep it up dear,,

  2. After reading your review, I want to buy and start reading the book. The title of the book is so intriguing and in addition to that, you gave pieces of information that would make me want to read it, too. ^^

  3. Hi there i am kavin, its my first occasion to commenting anyplace, when
    i read this paragraph i thought i could also create comment due to this good piece of writing.

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