Fly Boy by Eric Walters

Fly Boy by Eric Walters

Rating: 3 out of 5

Genres: YA Adventure, Historical Fiction (Wars)

Robbie McWilliams wants nothing more than to fly as a pilot in the Canadian Forces during World War 2. the thing is, he’s only seventeen, and he still has one year to go. So with the help of his best friend Chip, he fakes his way out of boarding school, and into training camp using his deceased older brother David’s baptism papers.

After graduating camp early, Robbie’s shipped off to England where he’s the navigator in a Lancaster bomber, and where they do nightly bombing raids. When on emission goes awry, everything falls on Robbie’s shoulders.

This was my first choice when I was choosing a book to read when my librarian showed my class the lineup of books in Red Maple 2012. Unfortunately, my other classmates were faster :(. Anyway, I  think it went without saying that I was expecting quite a bit from this book, particularly because Eric Walters was the author.

The first good thing in the book was the letter from a veteran who used to be in the Canadian Air Force during WW2. It was interesting to read, because it actually was a legitimate letter from someone who had first-hand experience. The second good thing was the backdrop of World War 2. I felt that it made everything slightly more high-stakes.

The plot of Fly Boy was only slightly interesting. I’ve read a couple books that took place during wars, mainly during the World Wars, but this was the first one which featured someone from the air force. I thought Robbie was very cunning when he used different certificates to “prove” that he was older. He thought of everything. However, I thought the storyline was rather flat, for lack of a better worked. There wasn’t much excitement throughout, and not a lot of twists.

Okay, the next thing: the characters. it seemed that there wasn’t a lot of character development. Other than Robbie, little was revealed about them. and only a couple of the characters stood out, mainly because there were several characters with similar traits. this was especially true at the training camps and in England, where there were a lot of people.

Thirdly, the climax. The summary led me to believe that it would be very exciting. Unfortunately, I was let down. Maybe because I expected too much?

The lat thing would be the resolution. Fly Boy, for me, wasn’t one of those books where i went, “Aw, it’s over already? That’s too bad; it was a good book.” I thought that Fly Boy was lacking a takeaway ending. Everything wrapped up to quickly and too perfectly.

All in all, I thought Fly Boy by Eric Walters was a satisfactory book. However, it didn’t stand out for me as a really good book.

Thanks to Eric Walters, The Forest of Reading, Ms. Sisti and Google Images


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