About The Blog

So, about my blog (and a bit about me):

Books Are Better Than Diamonds started in July 2012, but the idea of actually having a blog came to me a couple months earlier. I thought it would be an interesting project to pursue over the summer, but I’ll continue it after, too. This is the place where I can get to rave about all the books I’ve read (which is quite a lot; I can’t remember all of them), and see if I can dig a little deeper into the literary world. I’ve only got a couple reviews so far, but they’ll add up eventually.

My main focus is YA; right now, it’s most interesting to me, mainly because I’m a teenaged girl. The books I’ve obsessed over have been from different genres; however, all of them are YA. I like historical fiction in the Victorian Era of Europe, especially if they’re in countries where I know a bit of history, like Russia and England. Other historical periods are great, too. I also like fantasy books,  but there’s got to be some part of reality it. For me, my favourite series in this genre would be Harry Potter.  A couple paranormals, like Haunting Violet by Alyxandra Harvey, and The Gathering Storm by Robin Bridges have been my favourites . I’m pretty much open to anything but heavy thrillers; those aren’t really the ones that I’d like to read. I’m fine with a couple books with horror aspects, though, like This Dark Endeavor by Kenneth Oppel.  However, I think the best books have a great storyline that flows well, developed characters, and (this matters the most to me) a strong lead. I especially love female leads who aren’t afraid to solve the problem on their own (or with a couple friends), and who are very intelligent and cunning, like Mary Quinn in the Agency Trilogy.

I would love to hear opinions from you guys about books, so feel free to comment under anything, as long as it’s appropriate to the page and topic. My reviews can be really varied; sometimes they can be long and slightly pointless at times, other reviews might be relatively short. Either way, if you read them, I’m glad!

P.S All the books I’ve mentioned will be reviewed soon!


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